RESOURCES: How to help the refugee crisis


Charity Navigator is a great place to start if you're searching for a charity that uses their money well and effectively. Take a look at their list of four-star charities that assist refugees here.

InterAction serves as an alliance for charities supporting refugees as well. Take a look at their list here and find an organization that best resonates with the specific needs of refugees you want to address -- anything from basic health and sanitation to further education.

Shelterbox delivers emergency shelter, tools, and supplies to families who have lost their homes from disaster.

If you're searching for other organizations to get involved with and donate your money to, check their reliability with these best practices from Charity Navigator.


While donating money to refugee groups is helpful and in their best interests, it's not sustainable. Refugees often live indefinitely in camps that were only meant and built for temporary housing. To truly help refugees, support their interest in a better life, and endorse open borders that allow them to continue their lives, contribute to the global economy, and stand up for more peaceful politics.

Use your voice and your vote to make a difference. If you haven't registered to vote yet, do so here.

You can also support one or many of the nine organizations which are contracted by the government to sponsor refugees in the United States, including the International Rescue Committee.